Drywall Repair

Chicago, IL. Drywall Repair

Looking for the best Chicago Drywall Repair Contractors? Get Chicago Drywall Repair done by Experts! Our process is the very best in Chicago and we can guarantee the best you will ever see. With over 2,000 Satisfied Customers and 20 years experience we will make your project look easy. With little to no effort on your part. Some call it sheetrock repair. Most call it drywall repair. 

We first begin by protecting the area with plastic and tape to protect any fixtures, furniture or valuable items like flooring. We then begin by prepping the area and patch any holes. Next we tape and fill the patches, followed by multiple coats of finish. Next we either sand smooth or texture the area to match. Your now Ready for Paint. Contact us today for a free Chicago Drywall Repair estimate.

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