Drywall Hangers

Chicago, IL. Drywall Hangers

Need Chicago Drywall Hangers? We are expert Chicago Drywall Contractors. From 10 Sheets to 1,000 we are happy to help you with a clean, professional drywall install. Our process starts with us marking the can lights and outlets. Next we install the ceiling and walls. We use a roto zip ot cut all openings. The outlets are cut precisely. Nice and tight. We then apply 5 screws in every row. Three in the field and one on either end of the sheet. We also glue and screw all exterior walls. Never will you see us use nails. They are prone to problems and nail pops down the line. After each Chicago Drywall Hanging project, we scrap out the room(s) and sweep well. Leaving you with a finely hung drywall project. Ready for tape. 

Our workers are extremely talented and most projects can be installed in the matter of one day. We also work weekends as well, should you want things wrapped up a little faster.

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