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Chicago Drywall Finishers

Need Chicago Drywall Finishers? We are expert Chicago Drywall Tapers. From 10 sheets to 1,000 we can help you tape and finish your drywall to look its very best. Our process is first we begin by cutting out any bad spots in the sheetrock. Next we pre-fill those areas. Then we tape the butt joints. Next we tape the flats as their called followed by the inside corners. We then spot the screws for the first time. Then we hang any corner bead. Next we fill all seams. Then we will sand the first coat once its dried and angle box the inside corners. We use all Tape Tech Tools to perform our Chicago Drywall Finishing. Then we will sand and apply a second coat of joint compound or plus 3. Next we will skim the corner bead. Now we are ready to sand again to apply the 3rd and final coat to all screws, butt joints and corner bead. Followed by either a texture or sanding the project to a smooth finish using detail sponges and sanding poles which are easy and non abraisive to your new ceilings and walls. Now you are ready for paint.

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